Relationships During COVID-19 & Social Distancing

COVID-19 social distancing can be really tough on relationships of all kinds, roommates, partners, friends, you name it! Here are some tips for how to navigate relationships while in isolation:

  • Expect there to be some tension.

Not because I want this for you! But because you’re human and you might not have spent this much time together in a long time. It doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed, it doesn’t mean you don’t love each other. Be gentle with yourself and each other and try not to take it personally. These are really difficult times for everyone.

  • Negotiate some private time in a private space

To masturbate, call your friends, call your partners who don’t live with you, to recharge, etc.

  • Spend intentional time together

Really commit to the next hour being spent together so that when you need some time apart it doesn’t feel like such a rejection. you may be expecting your partner to want to spend all this time with you while your partner expects some alone time or vise versa. Make your needs explicit while expressing your love for one another… give example)

  • Reconsider household chores

maybe one of you typically does more of the household chores than the other because you’re home more often. Maybe that needs to change right now as you are both using the space more.

  • Remember, you can go outside!

A walk around the block or to your local park without interacting closely with others is still fair game and may be the breath of fresh air you need to re-cooperate

  • Take anxiety breaks!

If one of you is feeling more anxious about COVID-19 than the other, try to stay compassionate. If you aren’t as anxious that’s wonderful! You can just be there with your partner, no advice, no fixing, just listening. If you are the anxious one, try to allow your partner to distract you with funny videos and games and the like. If COVID-19 anxiety is taking over your life, time your rants! Okay, 15min to rant and then back to a funny cat video. Do whatever you got to do to take breaks with one another.

If you and your partner really get into it and are feeling really vulnerable, please do not hesitate to reach out! Friends and roommates welcome ❤