Marla Schreiber’s Exploring Polyamory: Beyond the 101

I am so excited to share this upcoming event from one of my most trusted colleagues! From the writing of Marla directly:

“I am excited to share that I’m running a 3-part workshop series starting on Tuesday evenings November 29th, called Exploring Polyamory: Beyond the 101

Full description and tickets are available via the link below:

This is designed for people who are interested in, and may have some familiarity with consensual non-monogamy, but want to dive deeply into the concepts, language, and practices involved in doing it effectively. This programme is not group therapy, but rather an opportunity to learn and share in a small online community, and ask/answer questions.

For those of you wondering who I am: Hi, I’m Marla.

I’ve been living polyamory for 18 years, giving workshops about it for 14 years, and supporting individuals, couples, and constellations/polycules in therapy for 7. I was also the ‘founding dreamer’ of LovePlus Collective, a peer-led, queer-focused support group for the consensually non-monogamous. We used to run live monthly programming in Toronto pre-Covid.”