counselling & therapy

What is the difference between relationship counselling or sex counselling and couples therapy or sex therapy?

Some folks don’t think there is a difference at all— understandably so!

Counselling typical involves specific goals and your counsellor may give you information and advice on how to reach those goals.

Psychotherapy (which is at the heart of the sex therapy I offer) is more often about the process itself. In therapy, you might want to explore and possibly change the way you understand yourself or the way you think. You might want to process past traumatic experiences. Your therapist may give less advice than a counsellor and act more as a mirror— reflecting back to you things they notice as you work through self-understanding.

I use the terms like sex counselling and sex therapy interchangeably on the website and in practice because they often work together. Frequently people require both new knowledge and guidance as well as a space to process their experiences. I provide resources and information when necessary and incorporate aromatherapy when desired. We work together to navigate through challenges and access what is already within you so you can enjoy the sex life you want.

I use the terms relationship counselling and couples therapy distinctively on the website because these services can look quite different. For example, an individual person might seek relationship counselling to gain insight on their relationships with others, their relationship to themself, or maybe they want to practice specific relationship skills like communication.

Couples therapy refers to services wherein two people in a monogamous or primary relationship with one another are looking to work together in therapy to change their relationship dynamic or address an issue in the relationship.

And sometimes I do couples sex counselling, too! Sometimes folks have a solid relationship and there’s something about their sex that they’d like to tweak. There are so many ways we could work together depending on what kinds of support you need.

If you’d like to explore counselling options further, please contact me directly for a free 30min consult.