The People’s Healing Fund

Find out more about what the People’s Healing Fund is all about

The following is an fantastic new fund created by and for Tkaronto (Toronto) healing practitioners and they would be grateful if you took the time to read and share this incredibly important project committed to healing communities:

“We’re writing to share some exciting news about a project that a group of us (including a number of folks on this listserve) have been working on for awhile now. The People’s Healing Fund is a queer, multiracial and mixed class collective of politicized healing practitioners and community members who are organizing to increase access to healing in our communities. The fund launched just over a week ago- and we’ve already reached the halfway mark of our fundraising goal!

The People’s Healing Fund will directly support working class BIPOC healing practitioners (massage, therapy, acupuncture, PSWs, bodywork, herbalists, etc) to provide lower cost, free, or just more services in their own communities. We are raising $20 000 for our first round of funding (visioning two funding cycles each year as we build).

We believe that healing justice is connected to economic justice, and this is an economic redistribution effort that will have specific and concrete impacts on the lives of actual people.

We’re reaching out in particular to folks we know and share values with in the helping and healing professions, because we know intimately the ways that systemic inequalities translate into real barriers to folks accessing the services they need, and we have also witnessed the intense pressure on marginalized practitioners to heal their own communities (and to do it at a low cost).

We would love to invite you all to support this project! We’re asking folks to consider making a donation equivalent to 1-5 hours of your fees, or to consider paying forwards the cost of the healing services you get reimbursed for, or can afford to pay out of pocket for.

Here’s where you can go to find out more and donate:

If you have other folks in your networks who you think might be interested in giving, in joining the network of politicized healers, or in applying for funding (applications come out in March), please spread the word!

In care and solidarity,

Marika and Carly (on behalf of the People’s Healing Fund Organizing Collective)”