Anarres Needs Your Help!

The following is a message from my mentor and close friend Tracey Tief, owner and operator of Anarres Apothecary and Apprenticeship Program:

Thanks to you we had a bustling holiday season!

Now, foremost on our minds is our crowdfunding Co Immunity Campaign and I am counting on you to help us make it a success.

Imagine having no choice in what you put on or in your body. Maybe you line up for a shower at a drop-in centre and wash your hair with a disposable mini cup full of an unnamed brand of shampoo. Maybe your job only pays the rent, you rely on a food bank to eat and you scrape together body care from a dollar store. Maybe you work as many part-time jobs as you can manage while struggling with illness, and you have to decide between buying laundry detergent or deodorant. Now imagine that the body care products you are using are making not just the planet, but you, sicker and sicker.

Who Has Healthy Options?

The World Health Organization reminds us that the people in the lowest economic groups are exposed to the greatest personal and environmental health risks, and have the highest risk of illness and disability. The Co Immunity Campaign provides a chance to educate and re-skill our communities towards better personal and planetary health.
Daily exposure to toxins found in ordinary dollar- and drug-store body care products can lead to devastating health outcomes including:

* Cancers
* Early puberty
* Metabolic and immune diseases
* Multiple chemical sensitivities, & allergies
* Respiratory illness and developmental delays
* Fibroids, Infertility, menstrual & menopausal issues

Some of our most loyal workshoppers are living on fixed incomes due to age, illness, bad luck or disability, and they give what they can at Pay What You Want and By Donation workshops, but cannot cover their costs. I do not turn anyone away. I hope that many of us will chip in as a community to make sure that everyone who wants to learn how to make healthy affordable body care- and take home what they make – can and will in 2018.

Honestly, I am having a hard time asking for your help, but we need you. I would be so grateful if you would please share our Co Immunity Campaign with your friends, family, and with people you know who care about community health and social justice.

I am honoured by your support and whatever contribution you can make.

What exactly will we do with your support?

* The Co-Immunity Fund will train more than 73 participants who can’t otherwise afford to participate.
* Together we’ll sponsor 48 intro workshops, 24 full day workshops and one fully funded and insurable certification student!
* Participants will make and take home 336 products in class.
* Participants can spare the planet at least 1344 single-use containers
* By making affordable healthy body care, we can put $21,504 back into the pockets of participants, then into local grocery stores and the local economy.

Anarres’ Healthy Body Care Skill Share: The Co Immunity Campaign will have an empowering, long-term, collective impact on the health of our communities’ most vulnerable. 100% of proceeds will go to helping people with low incomes learn – hands-on – how to make body care that’s affordable, packaged in refillable non-toxic containers through sponsored workshop spots.

Learn more & contribute!

Please visit

When I saw the need for this campaign, I recalled the times in my life that I used whatever body care I could get my hands on, in spite of my health problems. Growing up, I hated to take baths because I was at times the last one to get the bath water after my family and the boarders, and it was full of SLS from shampoos and body washes that made my skin itch and crack. I thought I was allergic to soap! I thought of my dear friend and housemate Michael Smith who died of AIDS decades ago, but who talked about Co Immunity – the ways that we can support each other to be healthier and safer in our bodies. I thought about how a lot of us do all that we can to keep our selves and our loved ones healthy, and to spare the planet and its creatures from the harm of wasteful packaging. And we want to make more of a difference! And I thought that by supporting others to learn to make healthy body care in safe durable packaging, we can extend that loving care throughout our communities. Together, we can create Co Immunity!

Because until we are all free, none of us are free.

~ Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Quoting Emma Lazarus, poet

Be an Agent of Change.

Learn more & contribute! Please visit

The Co Immunity Campaign is inspired by the Tree of Life, sandalwood, that begins as a seed, nurtured by the trees and ecosystem around it. Once grown, sandalwood protects its plant community from invasion and disease – tolerating drought and depleted soils – to produce the most intelligent and exquisite Medicines and essential oil.

When you donate and share our crowd-funding campaign, you nurture the most vulnerable among us to learn hands-on how to make body care that’s affordable, packaged in refillable non-toxic containers. Good for People; Good for the Earth!

Please take a moment to:

1. Watch my video now **posted above
2. Share the link
3.Donate here or choose an amazing Perk such as a customized facial serum, body scrub, facial care kit, perfume or workshop party!
4. Let your friends know how they can become an Agent of Change, too!

Thanks so much for your caring and support.

In Love & RRRevolution, Tracey