Cliterature: the all too hidden gem

In case it’s not evident from a name like Cliterature, let the record show that this event is a very good time.

“Cliterature is a transformational and artful celebration of women’s sexuality through erotic readings, live music, dance and more!” as described by creator, Shelley Secrett of Secrett Events. “And more!” is an understatement. Events like Cliterature are so important. In a world that financially profits from making women feel unattractive, sexually inadequate, smelly, slutty, virginal, hysterical, “emotional,” this event is a safe haven for women’s sexuality. It’s a place to share stories, hear stories, see, and be seen as the perfectly imperfect human beings that we are. We do not need fixing. We do not need to be contained. Cliterature is a reminder that where we are at is a perfectly acceptable place to be, even if we are on a journey somewhere beyond.

Held in Kitchener, Ontario, I came to discover this wonderful event after modelling for the amazing local photographer Girl Crimson (plenty of yours truly to discover on her website). After attending the event, I was eager to join the stage in the years that followed. It was also through Cliterature I met my doula instructor and mentor, Beth Murch, who is also a exquisite slam poetry artist and performer. If that wasn’t enough, every year Shelley gives the proceeds of the event to a different organisation focused on women or LGBTQ populations. This year proceeds went to the Women’s Crisis Centre for the Waterloo Region.

Completely spoiled, when I came to Toronto from Kitchener I realized just how lucky I was to have been part of such an inspiring and colourful community of women and queer folk. I look forward to Cliterature every year. It revives my spirit and reminds me why I do the work I do. Most importantly, I get to catch-up with everyone from the first sex-positive queer community that ever invited me in. It feels like home.

For 2017, I had the honour of kicking-off Saturday night with a musical performance and shared my vulva print making magic before the show! The video below is Cliterature 2017 contribution that I would like to share with you! But remember, this is only a tiny taste! To really get the full experience you’ll have to attend next year! And the year after… and after that… and well, you get the idea.

Post edited on 6 Feb 2017.