badass dolls with badass bodies [interview Chason Yeboah]

When I saw these badass dolls at the Toronto Erotic Arts and Craft Fair hosted by Come As You Are, I got tingles all over my body. Chason Yeboah’s dolls aren’t just beautiful, they’re healing and powerful. I wanted to learn more about Chason and how these dolls came to be.

What inspired you to make these dolls?

These dolls were created because of my personal frustration at the lack of correct representation of people of colour within western society. It started with black dolls only. As my work progressed, it became obvious to me that along with people of colour, there is a large scope of folks who are not being properly represented. My intentions finally became clear: reach as many people as I can through my art, speak through my craft to say “I understand and want to help”, and to create these dolls to act as totems to anyone who needs them. They are my rebuttal against mainstream dolls, while attempting to meet the realistic portrayals of various bodily forms. They are made in the hopes that a wide range of people can finally be represented, and made to remove the shame from nudity.

Are these dolls for adults or children or both?

I make these dolls for all people! I have a healthy mix of clientele including purchasers for children; they have been used as an educational tool for children’s health classes as well. I make them for people who are open to understanding them, and so I put no age restrictions on the dolls. To me, nudity does not always equal sex, and I think this makes some people uncomfortable when it comes to the idea of giving them to their children, but it’s up to the discretion of the purchaser!

Why do you think it’s important to make these dolls?

I think it’s important for me to make dolls like this because I want everyone to have something in their own likeness, something that represents them and acknowledges their existence. I think it’s also important that people have totems for themselves. We are ever changing beings, and to me having something that represents where you are in your life and celebrates the body you’re in is very important.

What do you make them out of?

I make them out of various different yarns (I have a huge collection). I make them mostly from acrylic, wool and cotton. Every doll is made differently so in some there may be, alpaca wool, bamboo silk, mohair pieces, twine, brass and/silver plated wire… the list goes on! They are compactly stuffed with a polyester pillow stuffing.

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