voices needed: sex in pregnancy and postpartum

In researching resources available to the public about sex in pregnancy and postpartum something became very apparent: these voices are white and heterosexual. Very. Very. white-hetero.

My next thought was: how can I expand this conversation?

I can’t tell you I have an understanding of sex during pregnancy and postpartum without recognizing the extremely important and impactful pieces of race, class, ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Sex in pregnancy and postpartum is a conversation that is already barely happening. The last thing we need is another conversation people are being left out. I am a white queer person, but I am not every queer person and I am not a person of colour. This conversation needs to go beyond me and what I think is important.

That’s why I’m putting out a call for articles and interviews to create a blog series called Voices.

I am looking to pay $75(CAD) for a minimum of 500-800 words outlining your experiences as either a women of colour, trans men, gender nonconforming person, kinky, LGBTQ+, sex worker or polyamorous person in relation to sex during pregnancy and the postpartum period. These articles would contribute to a body of work (i.e., workshops, training manuals, etc.) I am developing on sex in pregnancy and the postpartum period including a blog post series I’d like to begin entitled Voices. Writers are welcomed to approach the topic from a personal perspective, from a political angle (i.e., reproductive justice and/or black feminist perspective), or any other angle that feels pertinent to this topic. Questions to consider: How did your birthing process or c-section effect sex in the postpartum period? What challenges did you face having sex during pregnancy? What assumptions/judgements do your communities make about people who have sex during pregnancy and postpartum? What societal pressures did you feel regarding your sexuality during these times? How did this period shape your relationship with your sexual partner(s)? What services are available to your communities on this topic? What sex advice would you give to those looking to become pregnant or parent?

Given that I am an independent person paying for these publications out of pocket (I do not have a business fund or publishing fund for this work), in the interest of showcasing as many stories as possible I would be willing to barter and trade for articles, as well. Please feel free to review my website for any services or products (aromatherapy products such as: massage oils, custom blends, etc.) that may interest you. An equal dollar for dollar amount would be traded. For example, if you wanted a $20 blend, the cost of shipping and taxes including the blend would go toward paying the $75(CAD) article fee.

Another option would be participating in an interview with myself over Skype. I will give you $30 for participating and allow you to review the transcribed article I create based on that interview before I post it so you have the final say in how you are represented.

If you are interested in contributing to this work with an article or by participating in an interview, please contact myself directly:


Hope to hear from you soon!