*As an act of reparations, blends and perfumes can be created for BIPOC folks at cost + shipping with free consultation. Free consultation with recipes are also available at no-cost for BIPOC communities.

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Many people find relief from illness using plant medicines when pharmaceuticals are insufficient, too expensive, or simply not available.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy have a sophisticated combination of chemical constituents. These chemical constituents have different actions on the body (i.e., antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, etc.). Aromatherapy can be used in sexual health to ease labour pains, menstrual cramps, stimulate arousal, and many other contexts. As an aromatherapist, I offer custom blending and aromatherapy products for sexual health.

Essential oils and aromatherapy can also be paired with mental health services offering calming, energizing, uplifting, or grounding effects.

Custom blends and custom massage oils can be purchased outside of therapy services or incorporated. Blends can be created for postpartum depression, sexual anxiety, menstrual cramps, increase blood flow, or encourage sexual expression.

how to use essential oils

Smelling. Essential oils can be diffused into the air to address airborne infections, respiratory conditions, and psychological needs. You can also purchase terra cotta pendants or felt necklaces to place a drop of an oil or blend for smelling.

On the skin. Essential oils can also be diluted into a vegetable oil and used on the skin in a bath, cream, lotion, or balm to treat skin that is dry, flakey, inflamed, itchy, oily, or to soothe muscle aches, cramping, cuts, scars, etc. Some practitioners like to combine aromatherapy with massage or acupuncture. If a practitioner asks if you’d like aromatherapy incorporated into your treatment, be sure to ask where they received their aromatherapy training and why they feel this will benefit your treatment.

essential oil safety 101

Never consume essential oils. Essential oils are highly concentrated herbal medicines. The same companies that will tell you one drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea will tell you essential oils are safe for consumption disregarding the potency of such highly concentrated substances. There are very rare situations when some essential oils can be taken orally, however, this should never be attempted without the guidance of a highly trained aromatherapist. Some essential oils are so poisonous when consumed it can kill a grown adult with just three drops. Other essential oils, like oregano oil, are not indicated for internal use because its antibiotic properties will destroy the healthy gut bacteria you need for proper digestion (like any other pharmaceutical antibiotic). If you want to use an essential oil for a viral infection, simply smelling an antiviral oil from the bottle or diffusing it into the air will allow the essential oil molecules to travel through your respiratory system and heal the infection. That way, if the oil has any antibiotic actions it won’t destroy the bacterial culture in your gut.

Always dilute essential oils into a vegetable oil before using on the skin or in the bath (1-5%). Since essential oils are so powerful, putting oils directly on our skin can often cause irritation or sensitivity/allergies over time. Generally, 1-2% essential oil in a vegetable oil (i.e., 20-40 drops in 100ml of vegetable oil) will give you a nice scent and have psychological effect. 3-5% essential oil in a vegetable oil will have a strong scent and medicinal effect on the mind and body.