Weight Bias and Shifting Toward Food and Body Neutrality.

HEADS UP!/Consent Summary: The following is an advertisement for a weight bias workshop run by The Balanced Practice (TBP). TBP has indicated that they strive to be inclusive of gender diverse experiences, including working with team members who are queer and/or trans identified. TBP was also transparent that the majority of their staff live in white bodies and currently do not offer BIPOC specific programming, while trying to be inclusive of all body types and racial identities in their workshops. TBP also offer a BIPOC practitioner referral list available upon request should individuals wish to work with practitioners with shared racial identities.

In my sex therapy practice it is abundantly clear that body weight, shape, and size all impact confidence in our attractiveness and sense of self worth in a fiercely fatphobic culture. The Balanced Practice is offering a a space to challenge assumptions about body weight and re-create our relationship to our bodies.

You can join The Balanced Practice on Friday May 12th @ 12PM EST, 2023 for $10 to discuss:

  • what weight stigma is and why it’s harmful
  • How to cultivaet self compassion and self acceptance
  • WEhat body neutrality is and how to adopt this mindset
  • Why diets don’t work and what to do instead